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Stewarding Very Little: Luke 16:10-12 (A Strategy) October 29, 2007

Posted by dan snyder in Bible - Meditation, Bible: New Testament.
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USAmericans can easily be made to feel guilty for having so much; and then be manipulated into giving to any and all causes that come along. Trustworthy Stewards (Luke 16:10) recognize that they have been entrusted with ‘very little’ of God’s possessions and seek a clear and focused strategy for giving and spending. 

A clear strategy for giving and spending the very little which God has entrusted me can be developed through considering FOUR QUESTIONS:

1. What has Scripture revealed about God’s work for me? (Is the work I am doing or giving to in ‘synch’ with what has been revealed to me in the Bible?)

2. How are God’s organic life principles at work in this ministry? Some of these principles are as follows:

INTERDEPENDENCE – what influence does this ministry have on other things I am passionate about? [I can leverage my giving by looking for the broader impact a ministry can have. I can choose to give to a few ministries on which I focus and impact other ministries that have associations with my ministries.]

MULTIPLICATION – what is this ministry doing to replicate it’s influence elsewhere?

SYMBIOSIS – is this ministry working in cooperation with other ministry works? [In a day of constricted resources, working together is a sign of great humility and stewardship.]

FRUITFULNESS – is this ministry producing “fruit” after its own kind? [Jesus expects fruit-bearing in his Kingdom.]

ENERGY TRANSFORMATION – how is this ministry using either positive or negative energy to propel its work?

SUSTAINABILITY – what systems is this ministry putting in place by which to sustain itself to its given end?

3. How has God used me in the past? What are my unique gifts and skills? I am not called to be all things to all people or meet every need I see. I am called to be set apart for a unique (and very small) purpose in God’s grand plan. My stewardship of resources will always be an extension of who I am.

4. What does the broader community of Christ say about my giving and spending plan? Are these others in this with me or am I in this alone? There are no “only Christians”. God has given me others; and I must learn to invite conversation regarding stewardship, trusting the Holy Spirit in others to guide me. Have I allowed other Kingdom people to review my work and ministry; to speak honestly about my present reality?


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