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North Star 1.1 Genesis 1:1-3 October 29, 2007

Posted by dan snyder in Bible: Old Testament, NorthStar 1.0 (Gen 1).
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Before God speaks all is formless and void. God is present. The framework is in place. But creation at its best prior to the voice/intervention of God is “chaos”.

Chaos in Genesis 1:1-2 is not the random beauty of the creation we see today. An uncultivated forest is random, but it is not “chaos”. Chaos is the absence of order. Chaos is frenetic confusion. It has no form or shape by which to invite participation. Chaos is empty and meaningless. It is dark and attracts no attention – no one even notices what is not there.

This is the stage upon which Jesus Christ enters. He is the firstborn of all Creation (Colossians 1:15-20). As the first upon the scene all eyes are upon Him. Everything from this point onward takes its cue from Him – lines up around Him. Meaningless chaos now has meaning. The hollow emptiness is now filled to capacity with Him. Everything that is created from this point onward will literally be in Him. There is no space in the universe with unfilled space. He fills it all. And fills it to capacity. Creation fits into space already touched by His glorious Presence. From now on when something is created it shares space – molecules – with Jesus Christ. All Creation gets its life, its existence, from this Source of Life – Jesus, the Firstborn over all Creation.