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Saying Yes and Saying No February 25, 2009

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a man must choose

he is not a spray of

flowers nor of birdsong

nor the fall of dry twigs

in a rising wind

Francis Sullivan, “Vision with Its Outcome”

Whenever we say “yes” to something or someone, we are saying “no” to something or someone else. “To say yes and no means taking on responsibilities and obligations. Saying yes and saying no are companions in the process of constituting a whole and holy life.” (M. Shawn Copeland as quoted in Practicing Our Faith ed. by Dorothy C. Bass, 1997.)

As you look at the painting below ask yourself, “to what was the person saying ‘no’ or ‘yes’?”

Credits: Tanner, Henry Ossawa The Annunciation 1898. (oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Henry Ossawa Tanner "The Annunciation"

Henry Ossawa Tanner "The Annunciation"

What sort of support do you and Mary, the mother of Jesus, have to help you to say “yes” or “no”?

Prayer Poem: O Christ, O Cross, O Highest Name August 3, 2008

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O Christ, O Cross, O Highest Name,
enthrall my every thought
until Your Life and Death in me
Your Royal Will doth wraught.

Though stress or strain my soul endures
within Thy Life I hide;
Beneath the Cross and in the Word
Today, o soul, abide.

-Dan Snyder, 2004

Jesus, The Son (part 1) – North Star 2.3 (Hebrews 1:2) November 12, 2007

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“And now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son. God promised everything to the Son as an inheritance, and through the Son he created the universe. ” (Hebrews 1:2, NLT)

That God’s mode of salvation, restoration and healing is speaking with His lovely/powerfilled voice is astounding enough. That He doesn’t use mechanical tools or even good listening skills so we can talk things out, that He speaks gently, lovingly, powerfully with intention into those derelict places of our lives and souls, ought give us great hope and comfort.

But, even more, He speaks to us by a Son – His only Son. This Son is a person, so the Voice becomes personal. It takes on flesh and lives before our eyes and imaginations. Not just words on a page that embalm God’s speech, but a living, perfect being.

And as a Son, Jesus has a vested interest in the salvation of Creation. Everything is promised to Him, it will be (or is) His. Also, He created it all – the universe, and you and me. Therefore there is a deep sense of ownership and desire to treat it as precious. He won’t ‘hit the rock when He speaks’ like Moses did, or get frustrated and give up for a season like Jeremiah. He sees the end and will see the saving work through to that end.

Prayer Poem: O Greatest King (a servant’s prayer) November 6, 2007

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O Greatest King, 

Receive me into the company of Your servants today
as I serve the most noble cause of Your Kingdom.

Give me
Elijah’s listening ears,
Naboth’s loyal calling,
Elisha’s vision for greater things,
Amos’ voice for the oppressed,
Hosea’s softened heart,
Jeremiah’s honest tongue in prayer,
Ezekiel’s ready feet and careful ways, and
Isaiah’s¬†hope for each person I meet.

As I find my identity in following You and You only-
guard me from self-indulgence and self-importance;
Take away my desire to die on my own terms.
May streams of living water flow from Your Throne through my life
to bring healing, strength and nourishment
to those in my home and neighborhood;

For the sake of Your Great Name and Your Kingdom.

-Dan Snyder, 2005