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Just Stewards Part 2 – (An Invitation) October 29, 2007

Posted by dan snyder in Bible - Meditation, Bible: New Testament.
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So let us invite Luke 16:10-15 to search us by asking these questions:

1. How have my spending and giving habits reflected my heart’s attitude toward God and what belongs to Him. Do I view Him as a “rich uncle” who ought to endow my plans? If so, I have the heart of the unjust steward that Jesus calls ‘wasteful’, and I must begin to look more closely to see the reality of what I have been given to steward.

2. Do I have a clear strategy for the use of the “very little” with which I have been entrusted? If my answer is “no”, I am being dishonest and unstrustworthy (not to mention what I do to discredit God’s good, provisional nature when I speak and act like He doesn’t ‘come through’).

Once I have tested my stewardship and am confident that I have done my part in being trustworthy, then it is appropriate to appeal God and His people for ‘underfunding’ the assignments I have received from God. And if I am confident that I am, in fact, doing the work to which I am called (and only that work), and funds are diminishing, I have every right to call God’s goodness into question. God’s work gone God’s way will never lack God’s provision.

But if I have come up short when reflecting upon these issues along with the Holy Spirit, I must make adjustments to my stewardship behavior patterns. When I do, God’s nature is to entrust me with greater funds for greater works because His hope is to grow my heart’s capacity to manage greater things for eternity.