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North Star 1.6 – Genesis 1:5 November 2, 2007

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God names the light and the darkness. Naming conveys honor and instills value. Day and Night now have a place of honor in the story – God’s meta-narrative. They are declared “intended”. Without names they may go unnoticed. Or, at least, we would wonder if God knows, sees, and intends what is now known and seen by all of us (light and dark are hard to miss). but when god names them He gives them their place in the story.

Naming also establishes God’s place. He is the generative character behind all that He names. He is keeper of what He names. He is above all that He names. He is the idea, the dreamer, behind names.

Most of us were not named by God at birth. Attached to my name is a story (and perhaps the stories of those who share my name). But God will change my name – give me a new name (Rev. 2:17), a name that conveys a new relationship, a new intention, a new place in the story.

Notice the priority in verses 3-5: God creates, God delights, God sets apart, God names. In Jesus each of these actions can be real to us each day. But only naming is expected to be permanent and stable. God will find new voids in which to create, new things to declare his delight over, new tasks to which we will be set apart.

But we are named once. May we listen and live into this name.

North Star 1.4 – Genesis 1:4 November 1, 2007

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God declares His Creation “good”. He makes this declaration after “seeing” it. But this “seeing” of good is far more than inspection. This is not simply quality control inspection that results in a pass/fail approval rating. Certainly He does see the quality of His creation; but He looks deep into what He creates and sees its purpose and its future. He sees His Creation being and, therefore, doing what He intends. He sees this in its fullness.

When God says that His Creation is “good” it does indeed imply quality, but even more it implies satisfaction. God delights and is satisfied by and in what He sees. He is pleased with Creation – it gives Him pleasure in this holy, righteous state of fullness and potential.

Jesus delights in His Creation. Declaring and delighting is His priority after the act of creating. He gives created light His focused attention and announces His pleasure and delight. Likewise He gives all of His Creation His focused attention – He “sees” its fullness. And this fullness is pleasing, satisfying and delightful to God/Jesus. May we have ears to hear – “this is good, you are good, I am well pleased.”

North Star 1.3 – Genesis 1:3-5 October 30, 2007

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For most of our projects light is generally assumed. When we assemble the materials we will need to create or renovate, rarely do we think of the necessity of light. At the very least it is not one of the materials on our list.

But light is God’s step one. He creates it rather than simply turning on what is already there. The idea of illumination originates with Him. He wants Creation to be on visible display to all. Nothing hidden. Everything out in full view to be seen, observed and reveled in.

The pre-eminence of light shows God’s priority on openness. He wants all to be unveiled and revealed between us. He does not create and then turn on the light to show off a final product leaving us to guess at process. We are shown everything and thus invited into discovery and participation.

The light is outside of us and inside of us. Thus we are illuminated, energized, on display to God from the inside out. This light shines on the beauty of His Creation. But it also invites participation in His renovation of the world around us and the world within us.

Jesus is the Light of the World. Relationship with Him, receiving this Gift of Light – the Light of Life, opens us to a promise of true revelation, and true, honest, authentic living. Only in Jesus are we fully known and can we know fully.

North Star 1.2 – Genesis 1:3-5 October 29, 2007

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God’s choice action for creation is speaking. His voice and words bring light to darkness, order and meaning to chaos, life to dead-space, fullness to emptiness.

Through speaking He initiates relationship with creation. If He had simply fashioned it all by hand or used tools without speaking, God would have distanced Himself from creation. But by speaking He invites reciprocal participation. He honors the creation by treating it with respect as something that can hear, understand and respond in return.

Jesus is the Living Word. He is the agent of Creation. Jesus is the means (agent) of relationship between God and Creation from the beginning. The Cross – His demonstrative loving act of restoring relationship – is simply an extension of this ‘transmissional’ work.

From the first words, God establishes a way of rescuing Creation from death, darkness, chaos and emptiness. He establishes not only His desire for relationship, but the priority of relationship for Creation to live and glorify Him. Left to its own, Creation would remain formless and void. Jesus Christ, the Agent of Creation, the Word, is ‘voiced’ into creation in a pre-eminent way. All spaces – especially human hearts – that receive this Word should expect this salvation/creation effect. And all places (ears) to which this Word is directed can treasure this invitation to relationship with Creator God.

North Star 1.1 Genesis 1:1-3 October 29, 2007

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Before God speaks all is formless and void. God is present. The framework is in place. But creation at its best prior to the voice/intervention of God is “chaos”.

Chaos in Genesis 1:1-2 is not the random beauty of the creation we see today. An uncultivated forest is random, but it is not “chaos”. Chaos is the absence of order. Chaos is frenetic confusion. It has no form or shape by which to invite participation. Chaos is empty and meaningless. It is dark and attracts no attention – no one even notices what is not there.

This is the stage upon which Jesus Christ enters. He is the firstborn of all Creation (Colossians 1:15-20). As the first upon the scene all eyes are upon Him. Everything from this point onward takes its cue from Him – lines up around Him. Meaningless chaos now has meaning. The hollow emptiness is now filled to capacity with Him. Everything that is created from this point onward will literally be in Him. There is no space in the universe with unfilled space. He fills it all. And fills it to capacity. Creation fits into space already touched by His glorious Presence. From now on when something is created it shares space – molecules – with Jesus Christ. All Creation gets its life, its existence, from this Source of Life – Jesus, the Firstborn over all Creation.