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North Star 1.3 – Genesis 1:3-5 October 30, 2007

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For most of our projects light is generally assumed. When we assemble the materials we will need to create or renovate, rarely do we think of the necessity of light. At the very least it is not one of the materials on our list.

But light is God’s step one. He creates it rather than simply turning on what is already there. The idea of illumination originates with Him. He wants Creation to be on visible display to all. Nothing hidden. Everything out in full view to be seen, observed and reveled in.

The pre-eminence of light shows God’s priority on openness. He wants all to be unveiled and revealed between us. He does not create and then turn on the light to show off a final product leaving us to guess at process. We are shown everything and thus invited into discovery and participation.

The light is outside of us and inside of us. Thus we are illuminated, energized, on display to God from the inside out. This light shines on the beauty of His Creation. But it also invites participation in His renovation of the world around us and the world within us.

Jesus is the Light of the World. Relationship with Him, receiving this Gift of Light – the Light of Life, opens us to a promise of true revelation, and true, honest, authentic living. Only in Jesus are we fully known and can we know fully.

North Star 1.2 – Genesis 1:3-5 October 29, 2007

Posted by dan snyder in Bible: Old Testament, NorthStar 1.0 (Gen 1).
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God’s choice action for creation is speaking. His voice and words bring light to darkness, order and meaning to chaos, life to dead-space, fullness to emptiness.

Through speaking He initiates relationship with creation. If He had simply fashioned it all by hand or used tools without speaking, God would have distanced Himself from creation. But by speaking He invites reciprocal participation. He honors the creation by treating it with respect as something that can hear, understand and respond in return.

Jesus is the Living Word. He is the agent of Creation. Jesus is the means (agent) of relationship between God and Creation from the beginning. The Cross – His demonstrative loving act of restoring relationship – is simply an extension of this ‘transmissional’ work.

From the first words, God establishes a way of rescuing Creation from death, darkness, chaos and emptiness. He establishes not only His desire for relationship, but the priority of relationship for Creation to live and glorify Him. Left to its own, Creation would remain formless and void. Jesus Christ, the Agent of Creation, the Word, is ‘voiced’ into creation in a pre-eminent way. All spaces – especially human hearts – that receive this Word should expect this salvation/creation effect. And all places (ears) to which this Word is directed can treasure this invitation to relationship with Creator God.